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How to Ensure You Make it to the Gym in The Heat of Summer

How to Ensure You Make it to the Gym in The Heat of Summer

We understand that the summer heat can be a deterrent from wanting to increase your heart rate, but today we share a few tips to ensure you make it to the gym no matter how hot it is outside. 

Workout in the early morning or in the evening. 

While we definitely have the air conditioner turned on for you, it’s easier to persuade yourself to workout in the coolest parts of the day. Although working out indoors is a plus, it can be harder to convince yourself to have a sweat session while the sun is beating down in the middle of the day. In addition, your schedule is usually thrown off in the summer. With kids being out of school and summer vacations planned, the time usually spent going to the gym is taken up by other tasks. Early morning and evening times are often where we many find some free time. Use this time to exercise. To ensure you make it to a workout, mark it on your calendar and commit to yourself that you have an appointment with the gym. 

Cool off.  

That’s right, we said it. Beat the heat and come inside! Take a gentle yoga class or walk on the treadmill as opposed to outside. Indoor workouts are a great way to ensure you stay active while you protect yourself from the sun, heat exhaustion and more. 

Stay hydrated 

If you are dehydrated, not only will your body fight you in your decision to hit the gym, it’s just simply unsafe. One of the best ways to guarantee you are getting the most out of your workout is to show up to the gym hydrated and ready to sweat. 

Wear the right clothing

Loose, breathable clothing can make a world of difference when you are working out. Make sure you are wearing an outfit that is feasible with your exercise and will aid in cooling off your body to combat overheating. We recommend clothes made of the wicking fabric which draws heat away from the body. 

Listen to your body 

You know your body best. You know when you can handle one more rep or when your body needs to take a break. Taking breaks and drinking water often is essential during workouts, but especially during the summertime heat and humidity in Florida. Knowing your body’s limitations and recognizing the signs of heat exhaustion will help avoid injuries, while still accomplishing a  successful workout.