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How to Transition Into a Healthy School Year Routine

How to Transition Into a Healthy School Year Routine

It’s that time of the year again. Time to wake up early, do homework, pack lunches, and so much more. As you and your family return back to the school year routine, we share a few tips on how to make the transition as seamless as possible.  

Set a bedtime. 

A successful morning routine always starts the night before. No matter the age of your children, setting a bedtime for them (and yourself) a few weeks before school starts will help ease the transition back into early morning alarm clocks. Making sure everyone in the family gets enough sleep is the first step into ensuring that your school year routine is off to a healthy start. A good night’s sleep will guarantee that everyone is well-rested enough to take on the day.

Pack lunch the night before. 

Doing this simple task will make your morning go much smoother! You won’t be asking the kids what they want to eat minutes before you need to get out of the door or realizing you are out of bread minutes before it’s time to leave. In addition to packing lunches the night before, we recommend doing as many tasks as you can to prepare for the next day. Other ideas include laying out your outfit for the next day, pack bags/backpacks, and review the next day’s schedule ahead of time.

Create a morning routine. 

One kid didn’t finish their homework the night before. Another can’t find his shoes. We’ve all been there. Develop a consistent routine that will make for a less chaotic morning. Waking up at the same time every day, knowing who will be responsible for what morning tasks, and staying organized are all great aspects to incorporate into a seamless morning routine. In addition, follow a schedule. Doing the same tasks in order each day will help ensure you don’t forget to do certain tasks in the morning. Also, this will help you discover how long each task takes, so you can allocate an appropriate amount of time to complete everything you need before you start your day. 

Allot playtime and exercise. 

Summer gives us more free time than the rest of the year. The kids may use it to play outside, you may use it to hit the gym. Prioritize these activities even when the school year begins again. Ensuring that the entire family incorporates exercise into their routine will make it easier for everyone. Great idea in theory, but not sure how to make it work for you? Start by cutting screen time in half, and using your newfound free time for a family walk. 

Do you have additional tips for transitioning into a healthy school year routine? Let us know!