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Nutritious Lunches to Pack

Nutritious Lunches to Pack

Back to school means back to packing lunches! Today, we share easy, healthy meals that everyone in the family will enjoy for lunch. 

Bento Box 

This do-it-yourself lunchable style meal is a great solution for you and your kids! Because they can be so diverse, these meals can easily be tailored for each member of the family. Some simple foods to include are fruit, hummus, nuts, deli meat, cheese and eggs. The options for this easy-to-prepare meal are endless! Click here for a helpful list of bento box style lunches. 


One of the easiest, most popular meals for lunch – a sandwich. This easy option is a go-to for many families, but some find it a bit too boring to continuously eat for a midday meal. For those that don’t like to eat the same foods over and over, try to switch up your sandwiches to give yourself a diverse variety. For example, instead of bread, use greens or tortillas. In addition, switch up the proteins, condiments, or veggies you add to the sandwiches to help create a different meal every day! 


Salads are perfect for those that are able to refrigerate their lunch while at school or work. Many worry that a simple salad won’t be enough to satisfy them during the middle of a long day. We think that if you make it the right way, a nutrient-packed salad should be able to sustain you until your next meal. Don’t be scared to load on the veggies, and add protein, carbs and fats to your greens. 

Meal replacement smoothie

A smoothie is a great quick lunch option, especially for those who usually don’t get a true lunch break. In order for this drink to truly be a meal replacement, you want to make sure the smoothie is much more than ice and fruit.  Much like the salad, smoothies should be packed with nutrient-dense foods, including (but not limited to) protein, fruits, and fiber. 

Hot Lunch Ideas

If you prefer a hot meal for every meal, we’ve got you covered too! While the combination options are endless, to ensure that you have a nutritious, satisfying lunch prepared, you must make sure it includes protein, carbs, and veggies. Here are a few examples of each to make sure you choose the foods that will best fuel your body. 

Lean protein




Complex Carbs:

Sweet Potatoes 


Brown Rice 

Nutrient-Rich Vegetables:


Brussel Sprouts 


All of these foods can be easily prepped and reheated. Feel free to mix and match all of the options above and put your own spin on it. Get creative with your dishes, but be sure to load your plate with nutritious, filling foods that keep you energized throughout the day. 

What’s your favorite healthy meal to eat for lunch? Let us know in the comments!