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Strength Workouts for All Ages

Strength Workouts for All Ages

Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t strive to become stronger! Today, we share strength workouts anyone can incorporate into their daily routine. All of the workouts listed below are modifiable to be more challenging for those that need the extra push. 


Bodyweight squats are a great move to incorporate into a lower body workout. This motion works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Need more of a challenge? Grab a kettlebell or some free weights while you complete your squats. 

Side Leg Lifts 

This is a simple exercise that anyone can accomplish! Leg lifts can be done lying down or standing, and the range of motion is dependent on the individual. No matter how high you can lift your leg, engaging your core and squeezing your leg muscles throughout the workout will make this an effective move in strength training. If you feel that this is too simple, put a resistance band around your ankles and execute the workout.


If curling weights are too heavy to start out with, simply curl with clenched fists or holding bottled water. As this becomes easy, use free weights in your workout. Curls are a great way to work your bicep muscles. 


Take the stairs! While stair-stepping is known as more of a cardiovascular activity, taking the stairs will work your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Not only will taking the stairs enhance your leg strength, it will help maintain healthy bones and joints. 

Wall Push-Ups 

If you are looking for an appropriate upper body workout, start with wall push-ups. If these are not a challenge, try pushups on the ground. Push-ups are an extremely effective bodyweight exercise to strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, and back. 


You can modify the traditional plank by resting on your forearms and knees. If this move is not ideal, the traditional plank can also be adapted by planking against a wall or the arm of a couch or chair. Click here for a visual example of this strength workout. This exercise activates your core along with your shoulders, arms, back and more.