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Be Strong – Breast Cancer Awareness

Be Strong – Breast Cancer Awareness

During breast cancer awareness month, we share how you (and your loved ones) can best protect yourself from this deadly disease. According to U.S. Breast Cancer statistics, approximately 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. This is a shocking number, but with strong mental and physical health, you can drastically lower your risk. Here are a few ways you can accomplish overall wellness to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

Limit alcohol. 

Studies show that the more you drink, the higher risk you have of developing breast cancer. The best rule of thumb is to limit yourself to less than one drink a day, because even small increases to this amount show an increase in risk.

Be physically active. 

Of course we were going to suggest this one! Besides the other plethora of benefits of regular exercise, studies show that being physically active for at least 30 minutes per day lowers the risk of breast cancer (along with many other diseases and illnesses).

Maintain a healthy diet. 

Consuming a healthy diet is a key factor in hindering breast cancer. Eating a well-balanced diet complete with fruits and vegetables is said to be a major factor in contributing to the prevention of breast cancer.

Control your weight.  

If you are completing the three tips listed above, this one should come as a result. Being overweight can increase the risk of many cancers, including breast cancer.


Besides providing great health benefits for the children, it is shown that breastfeeding helps prevent breast cancer in the mother. The longer you breastfeed the lower the risk is of developing breast cancer.

Don’t forget your screening. 

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to be aware of your body is to receive a regular screening. The simple fact is that early and often screenings save lives. This ensures that even if you may develop signs of breast cancer, your doctor will be able to catch them early, giving you the best chances of defeating the disease.