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Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Options

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Options

For those looking to eat a healthy Thanksgiving dinner, here are the best holiday dishes to enjoy throughout the day.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Most people skip breakfast because they know they will be eating a big meal later. We suggest eating a healthy, hearty breakfast to avoid overdoing it on the Thanksgiving food later in the day.

Get moving. 

Thanksgiving is notoriously known for a day where families and friends gather to eat and relax. We suggest you break a sweat on Thanksgiving day. Complete a morning workout, so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday with your loved ones guilt-free.

Eat your salad first. 

Fill your plate with leafy greens and vegetables before you eat anything else! This ensures you won’t be too full to get in your nutrients after you eat all of the other delicious components on everyone’s favorite annual meal!


High in protein, B vitamins, and other essential nutrients, this Thanksgiving staple is a great addition to fill your Thanksgiving plate!


Don’t skimp on the veggies! Whether your family cooks Brussel sprouts, green beans or roasted sweet potatoes, make sure some vegetables make your way to your plate this holiday season.

Pumpkin pie

If you are going to indulge in desserts, pumpkin pie is probably your best bet! Lower in calories and high in fiber, this treat is a good choice to satisfy your sweet tooth after your Thanksgiving meal.

Your Favorite Dish

Did your aunt make your favorite recipe? Did grandma make a special treat just for you? Enjoy it! Everything is okay to eat in moderation. Eat your favorite items without guilt! This meal does only come around once a year, so enjoy it while it lasts!

We suggest celebrating the day as you see fit! Don’t deprive yourself of a wonderful holiday just to save some calories.