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About Us

Membership to Grand Fitness entitles you to exclusive access our elite facility and exclusive services and amenities.  Our total membership base is capped based on capacity thresholds formulated to provide low to no wait time for equipment and classes that aren’t overcrowded.  An expansive 20,000 square foot location, featuring the latest in fitness innovation, luxury resort level locker rooms, experienced trainers, and world class nutrition is sure to make your experience GRAND.

With ample space available, our club allows members of any experience level or desired training regimen easy access to the equipment they need.  Interested in cardio equipment, but hate walking through the weight room?  Are group classes what motivate you, but can’t stand crawling over treadmills to get to the training floor?  No worries at Grand Fitness, custom designed interior layout places our fitness offerings in easy to locate and navigate locations, and configures our equipment and training zones in logical groupings to best serve all of our members individual needs.

Look through our offerings, or contact us directly for more information!