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At Grand Fitness we know that nutrition plays an integral part in helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Having a properly designed nutritional plan is as important as a member’s exercise program.  

We have a highly skilled team that can help you reach your goals through proper nutritional guidance and tracking. We can also help you measure your results through a body composition consultation and regular tracking of your lean body mass. Nutrition is for Every Body and will be discussed and tailored specifically for the individual whether you are training & chiseling for a fitness competition, planning for a pregnancy, or looking to lose some stubborn pounds.

Contact Our Director of Personal Training to schedule a Consultation. Renee 850-502-1396


Who Can Benefit From Proper Nutrition

  • Pre/Post Surgery, Hospitalization or Physical Therapy
  • Pre/Post Pregnancy
  • Body Builder
  • Fitness Competitor
  • Athletes
  • Seeking Weight Loss or Weight Gain


In addition to consultations and body mass tracking, our members also receive exclusive access to healthy and great tasting food and drink options in a convenient grab-and-go preparation. We offer pre-work out beverages, protein drinks, post workout shakes, protein bars and grab and go meals. We partner with local meal prep services that allow you to order, pick up and pay for your week’s worth of meals while you’re at the gym. Menus and details are available at our front desk.