TRX Group Training

60-Minute TRX classes now available every Wednesday & Friday mornings at 7 am! Purchase 10 sessions for only $300!



This package is over $600 off the normal pricing and you save $35 off each session!

Program includes:

*2 scheduled one on one strength training sessions
*1 TRX/bosu training session
*1 group hiit weekend session
*4-week meal plan with weekly adjustments
*Accountability assessment every 4 weeks
*Recipe book for each meal plan
*Nutritional counseling via email 24/7
*Discounted pricing available for meal prep service

Contact her to set up your appointment: or (251) 591-7943!


Amanda Jo has over 11 years of personal training experience. Her passion is to create a healthy and balanced life through all different aspects of fitness and nutrition. Each client is unique and each program she designs is custom based on their individual needs, goals, and lifestyle to obtain the best results.

Amanda Jo is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist with ISSA. She studied Exercise Science at JSU. A TRX Qualified Instructor and BOSU Certified Trainer. APS Nutrition Brand Ambassador, Nutrition/Fitness Blogger, and Fit Mom.

She offers personalized and custom training packages to include:

  • One on one specialized attentive training with a custom plan of strength training, balance training, and Trx suspension.
  • 24/7 nutritional counseling
  • Cardio schedule for off training days
  • Custom meal plans with clean eating recipes
  • 24/7 nutritional counseling | (251) 591-7943